Cheyenne Farm has expanded from a small 10-acre farm into 20-acres in Central Texas. We raise Painted Desert sheep, Multi-horns, and a few dapple Boer goats.


Eagle Photo Credit: “American Bald Eagle” by USFWS Headquarters is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I put this page together several years ago (please bear with me as I move my whole website to a different web builder – check back soon for the predator information to be here) to make breeders and other folks aware that even though your rams and ewes can run fast, jump high and the rams have large horns they are still no match for predators. Your flock will run at the sight of a predator leaving their lambs behind. The predators below are the most common. Some predators you might be surprised about. Their pictures will be on here also. Please if possible don’t kill the wildlife around you. Find other solutions to protecting your flocks!


The ewes on this page are not for sale. Please visit our sale page to see sheep for sale.

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Anatolian Shepherds

This page is dedicated to our Livestock Guardian dogs – Past and Present

We spend time with our guardians. They are well socialized, and stable dogs. Our puppies are born and raised in the pasture and with poultry around.  We vaccinate
the pups and worm every two weeks. At the same time they are working dogs and stay in the pasture.

We raise working Anatolians not registered show dogs. But do have a pedigree. If you are losing livestock you need a working guardian. Our prices are reasonable and save you money by saving your stock.

Puppies grow so fast so we will send pictures on request.



Pictured here she is 10 years old and going strong. Working and training puppies when we have them.

Sale Stock

Buyers will arrange shipping and will pay all crate, shipping, blood test, and vet charges. We do not supply pens, cages, crates, boxes, or any other confinement for your animal to be transported. If you send someone after your animal, make sure they have a safe confinement area for transporting animals or your animal will not be shipped. 

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We have no sheep for sale at this time

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