Our Livestock Guardians
Past and Present
We spend time with our guardians. They are well
socialized, and stable dogs. Our puppies are born and  
raised in the pasture. We also have poultry.  We vaccinate
the pups and worm every two weeks. At the same time
they are working dogs and stay in the pasture.   
RIP  Lady
Great-grandmother to Junior
Has now pasted on from cancer.   
Freckles is a rough coat Anatolian
Lady with Cheyenne
Our granddaughter
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RIP Mutt  
One of our very first two lgds Mutt was 13 yrs. old
Also had his brother Jeff.
RIP Jeff
RIP Sage  Bubba's mom
 Angel and Mutt
RIP Our awesome team.
Thank you for your service
Mutt's grandson with the Ewes
Freckles looses her thick coat in the spring and summer.
Bailey is our oldest lgd now.
DOB: 8/11/03 This year she will be 12
yrs. old. She is still working and training
the puppies when we have them.
RIP My sweet puppies you did your jobs well.
You will be sadly missed. Always Remembered
RIP Max  Bubba's dad
We raise working Anatolians not registered show dogs. But do have
a pedigree. If you are losing livestock you need a working guardian.
Our prices are reasonable and save you money by saving your stock.
Puppies grow so fast we will send pictures on request.