Available Dogs
Our dogs are out of  working parents. Our pups are born in the barn or pasture in burrows.  Our
dogs are socialized and are excellent guardians. They do not roam out of the pasture from their
flock they are bonded. They do like childern. Their offspring are also socialized and have made
excellent guardians. An unsocialized animal is a dangerous uncontrollable animal. Vets don't like
treating them in fear of getting bit from a 135 - 175 lb scared to death dog that doesn't
understand the human hand touching him. Our dogs know their sheep/goats they stay in the
pasture. And they don't freak out at the vet.

If you read up on the LGDs they were also the family dog that protected and respected the
children and family as well as their flock in Turkey where they came from. Yes they did spend
time out away from the family with the flock on thousands of acres but they came in with the
flock and was not leery and unsocial to the children and family. Livestock guardian dogs are not
attack dogs. They can guard without being overly aggressive. They're guarding is mostly bluff till
pushed by a predator.  
We except cash on the farm, Pay Pal
payments before pickup, and checks
must have 2 weeks. to clear the bank
before pickup.
We have dogs availiable
Updated    11/30/19