These sheep are not  Barbados. The true Barbados are naturally polled (hornless) Solid colored sheep with no white
coloring. If you castrate our ram lambs some of them won't grow horns or they will be poorly shaped. These sheep are
a domestic type sheep. They maybe wild and jumpy at times. If they have no human contact they are as wild as a deer.
They may get nervous when strangers come around but are usually calmer with the person that feeds them all the time.
Ewe lambs can be great pets especially if bottle fed.  With patience these sheep can be tamed and taught to lead. Also
be shown in 4H and County Fairs. They are being shown in Florida, Indiana. And other northern states.
Rams if bottle fed or tamed can be aggressive when they mature.

The rams are seen on hunting ranches for their beautiful trophy horns. There are many breeders out there and the
numbers are growing everyday.        
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Painted Desert Ram PDSS  #500  
Registered April 2005
Cheyenne Star Catcher
Painted Desert Sheep started with crossing these domestic breeds below. Breeding back to the Mouflon
and shedding offspring until the wool is gone and the sheep shed in the spring and summer. Growing
their woolie under coats only in the winter.  
Mouflon/Texas Dall/Texas Blackbelly/Merino/Rambouillet blood. Sometimes Jacob or Churro
Cheyenne Farm
The first member owned pair of
Painted Deserts to be registered.
Cheyenne Farm
Painted Desert Sheep
Buffalo,Texas   Leon County
They are actually composites or as most call them Corsicans
No mutton taste.
Smells like beef cooking.
Outlaw    Star Catcher's Son
Cheyenne Chino F-15
Cheyenne Cokaw Shadow F-14
Non-Profit Association and Registry formed by a group of
people with an interest to promote the Horned Hair Sheep
breeds. Come check us out.  
Complete Computer detailed data base and registration
system, On line registrations with Pay Pal option, detailed
information on breeds.

Being Non profit this registry will maintain itself and all
profits not used to support and maintain the registry will
be used to promote all breeds within the association by
advertising and educating others about those breeds.

UHHSA is an Association and Registry ran by the members
for the members for the breeds they support.  
Come join us.
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   Painted Desert Ram PD# 1
Registered Dec.1,2009
United Horned Hair Sheep Association,Inc.  
Cheyenne Farm has expanded from a small 10 acre farm into 20 acres in
Central Texas.
We raise Painted Desert sheep, Multi-horns and a few dapple Boer goats.
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The best mathematical equation I have ever seen:
1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given.
Owls will snatch new
born lambs.
Bobcats will take the young lambs first
but if there isn't any lambs they will
attack the ewes. They prefer the smaller
prey. Lambs, chickens, and ducks. The
cat in the picture was trapped in a man's
goat pen and later released unharmed.  
We have working guardian dogs for sale